Submission to a hair transplant surgery is a serious decision. Usually, medical procedures have some concerns. Such uncertainty about the treatment process itself and its results is completely normal, but it can be eliminated by exploring issues and gaining knowledge about the procedure. To ensure that you have full knowledge before making a decision, below
After a long period of struggle with bends or baldness associated with the midlife crisis, you decided to get acquainted with the solution that is hair transplantation. It is extremely important that you learn what the method is. Hair transplantation is simply the transfer of hair follicles from the area why to the recipient area
Hair loss can be a consequence of many causes. Most men struggle with male-patterned baldness, genetically determined, but the problem of baldness also affects women. Not only hair on the top of the head, but also facial hair and eyebrows are exposed to hair loss. In addition to male pattern baldness, hair loss can also
The problem of hair loss affects thousands of people, both men and women. Although the most common cause of hair loss is hereditary hair loss, the condition can also be caused by other factors such as hormonal changes, nutrient deficiency or stress. In addition to scalp hair, alopecia may also include eyebrows, beard and mustache.